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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Good For CNN! CNN Blocks Bush Censorship Try

Hi Guys,

The Bush administration - which already has a ban on news coverage of casualties returning from Iraq - attempted to place a blanket ban on all media coverage of the recovery of victims in New Orleans. In a shocking display of backbone, CNN filed suit against the Bush administration and rather than fight a legal battle they most assuredly would lose (most especially in the court of public opinion), the Bushies backed down.

There are those who would say that the Bush administration is no different from any other administration. There are those who say that any president would have done similar things. Such people should be ashamed.

This is far beyond whether one thinks the margin tax rate should go up a quarter percent or down a quarter percent. The failings of this Presidency transcend partisan politics. They get people killed - in large numbers. The Bush administration's constant effort to concentrate police power while imposing heavy handed censorship threatens democratic liberty itself. Finally, CNN has decided to say "enough!" Let us join them! Let the word go forth that a vote for a Republican - any Republican - in 2006 is simply indefensible. Until the Republican Party returns to its rational and secular roots it should be considered an unacceptable alternative for voters. If you don't like the Democrat's economic policies, fine. I can respect that. Vote Libertarian (as I did for Congress in 2004). But don't vote Republican.


Anonymous said...

CNN only cared about ratings. Dead bodies = ratings. FOX probably called the Bushies and demanded why they were taking food out of their mouths. This has nothing to do with freedom of the press in the abstract. But then, as most lawyers should concede, freedoms are usually fought for on moral principle, but by those with a buck to gain or an axe to grind.  

// posted by LTG

Anonymous said...

That is why I ultimately support the free market as a basis for socio-economic-political organization. The more people who stand to gain profit from the widest range of activities, the more activities will be protected.  

// posted by Raised By Republicans