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Friday, April 22, 2005

Japan Says Sorry....again...maybe...sort of

Hi Everyone,

Japanese PM, Junichiro "The Hair" Koizumi, expressed his country's "deep remorse" over the events related to World War II (i.e. routine commission of war crimes and crimes against humanity by Japanese troops). Japanese leaders have made similar apologies in the past, each time, the precise context and wording of the apology is picked apart by language experts looking for clues that it wasn't really sincere. I don't speak Japanese but apparently apology-ology in that language makes the passive voice "mistakes were made" and "I'm sorry you were offended by what I said" stuff in English look like child's play. It looks like we're in for a couple of days or so of deconstructing this apology before the PRC government decides whether to accept it or not. The PRC government has never regarded past apologies as sufficient and, given the usefulness of Japan bashing to the Chinese Communist Party, I doubt they'll accept this version either.


Anonymous said...

The dude really does have some tremendous hair. 

// posted by Bell Curve

Anonymous said...

China accepting this "apology" would be like Jews accepting Germany saying, "Sorry for all the sorrow we caused people throughout the area" and then going about denying that they really did anything all that bad to anyone, let alone Jewish people.

It's not just the PRC that has regarded Japan's apologies as insufficient. None of the countries brutalized by the Japanese has forgiven Japan and hatred of Japan still simmers throughout East Asia. The fact that Japan refuses to own up to the full extent of what they did means that Japan deserves the criticism and anger that is directed at them.

It is so easy for Japan to garner support outside of Asia (at least in the U.S.) because all they have to do is mention the word "communist" to confuse the issue in most American's eyes. It's BS if you ask me. Oh, you mention that Japan bashing is useful to the CCP. It is. But do you seriously think that the apology won't be accepted simply because of the utility of that tactic? If you do, you underestimate the depth of the hatred towards Japan that still exists in many Chinese (young and old). If the CCP accepted this apology, all hell would break loose because the people would certainly not accept such a half-assed, backhanded load of BS. 

// posted by Gaoshan

Anonymous said...

OK, so what does China want?

Is this the national eqivolent of the Warden in Cool Hand Luke demanding that Luke "Gitcher mind right?"

Is there anything the Japanese GOVERNMENT can do to satisfy this wide spread hatred? Or is this something along the lines of demanding a grass roots cultural change?

Either way, I'm not sure your assertion that "all hell would break loose" if the Communist Party of China accepted a Japanese government apology really refutes my assertation that the Communists need to engage in a certain amount of Japan bashing to stay in power.

Nationalism is always bad. And hating an entire nation for generations is never a solution to past evil...even if the decendants of those who committed that evil won't admit that Grandpa was a genocidal maniac.

I say, continue saying "Your Grandpa nearly wiped out my home town" but don't use it as a political ploy or an excuse for mob violence. 

// posted by Raised By Republicans

Anonymous said...

What does China want? For Japan to acknowledge the extent of what happened and to show proper shame for it.

"Is it the national..." Of course not. Back in the 30's and 40's it wasn't China who played the warden.

"Is there anything..." Yes. Stop teaching lies and own up to the horrible truth of what happened.

I didn't try to refute your assertion with that comment. The Chinese government needs Japan bashing just as much as the U.S. needs its whipping posts. So what?

"Nationalism is always bad." Indeed.

"Hating an entire nation for..." Hey, large numbers of the people who participated in all of this are still alive. It is hardly fair to say to them, "It has been 60 years since you were gang raped... get over it for cryin' out loud".

China obviously doesn't want to give up any more regional power than necesary so it follows that if Japan hands them a whip (this textbook scandal) they are gonna use it.

Lastly, what "mob violence" are you referring to? The two individuals who were reportedly (by western media, mind you) injured? The single instance of damaged restaurants and cars that was reported (by western media. Would it make a difference if you knew that the extent of this damage was less than western media reports would lead you to believe)? There were many protests throughout China and practically every one was peaceful.

I realize you simply don't like the PRC and I will, most likely, have no impact on your opinion but you should realize that your opinions, while coming from an intelligent, highly educated and politically knowledgable background, sound about as biased as the typical American's. 

// posted by Gaoshan

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