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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Benedict XVI

Hard not to be sick to one's stomach. Pope Ratzinger is a truly offensive man who really believes that Jesus of Nazareth came to earth in order to build a fantastically powerful and wealthy corporation ruled by absolute despots who would grind down the poor to fill its coffers, subjugate women, and teach that all who do not submit are going to hell. John Paul II and his recent predecessors recoiled from such language and ideas. JPII authorized this sort of statement it only once in his papacy -- a document written by Ratzinger and issued during a significant phase of JPII's Parkinson's disease. Ratzinger wasn't happy that JPII held talks with Jews and Muslims. So he takes the name of some of the most corrupt Medieval and Renaissance popes. Yuck. Ratzinger is a Bavarian who was 18 when American tanks conquered his hometown. So you know where he's coming from. I guess JPII was more forgiving than we realize.

But here is Ratzinger in a nutshell: Will condoms prevent the spread of AIDS? Forget it - let innocent children can be born with AIDS and die in agony. Will overpopulation cause disease and misery in the Third World? Let it come. And we'll keep beating the drum on abortion and hatred for gays while we look the other way on pedophilia. Pedophilia is a small price to pay, I guess, for the Majesty of the Church. I can see schism or mass defections in North America.

To the faithful, I say this: if the holy spirit has abandoned the Roman Church, fear not: she will not abandon the world.

It's been a while since the Inquisition. I guess the Devil wanted his job back.


Anonymous said...

I'm really just testing our new commenting system.

I am mildly surprised at this result, but I shouldn't be. I hate to say it because it makes me sound mean, but at least the guy is 78. 

Posted by Bell Curve

Anonymous said...

I'm curious if LTG has any of Benedict XVI's writings that he can provide quotes from or links to.

Also, I heard that the speculation for his name choice is centering on his admiration for Benedict XV and for the Benedictine monostic order. Benedict XV was a major voice for easy treatment of Germany after WWI. One hopes that Benedict XVI admires his namesake for his peaceful and magnamious attitude and not just because he defended Germany in 1919.

I'll conclude by saying that it may not be trivial that this new Pope is Bavarian. Bavaria is known as the most religious, most conservative part of Germany. Its a lot like the Texas of Germany. Bavarians even share Texans fantasies about being a separate nation etc.

Oh, and damn...78!? That's one way to make sure the new guy doesn't shake things up. 

Posted by RaisedbyRepulicans

Anonymous said...

By the way...Cardinal Ratzinger's position at the Vatican used to be known as "The Holy Office of the Inquisition." Not sure how recently they changed the name...probably during Vatican II.

"The Inquisition...what a show...The we go...I bet you're wishin' that we'd go away! But the Inquisition's here and it's here to stay!" - Mel Brooks.

"Hey Torquemada, whaddaya say?"
"I'm just headin' on down to the Auto da fe."
"Auto da fe? What's an auto da fe?"
"It's what you oughtn't to do but you do anyway."
- Mel Brooks 

Posted by RaisedbyRepulicans

Anonymous said...

78-y.o. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany was chosen by the conclave this morning, and he is now Pope Benedict XVI. A strict, doctrinal conservative, his position as close advisor to Pope John Paul II--and his age--suggest that Rolleroid now has the caretaker pope he hoped for... but I see a glimmer of hope. Earthly power can do strange things to people who have lived their professional lives in the shadow and service of another. The new Pope may wish to leave his mark on the Church. (It took Nixon to go to China, after all.) And God does move in mysterious ways... So there's always a chance the Catholic church might, after two millenia, finally find its way back to the true message of the gospel.
But it would take a miracle 

Posted by Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Hey, this posting is being invaded by the previous post!

I think the election of Benedict XVI shows the inherent conservatism of the Vactican institutions. Pope John Paul II appointed all but two or three of the Cardinals who elected Benedict XVI. And since John Paul II was elected with a 2/3 vote, it is most likely that the Cardinals he didn't appoint, voted for him. Is it any surprise that this group elected the man they see as representing John Paul's theology/ideology most closely? 

Posted by Raised By Republicans

Anonymous said...

I just copied my post to be a comment here, then deleted the orig. post. 

Posted by Dr. Strangelove

Anonymous said...

Here is Ratzinger's most (in)famous work.

A quote from Ratzinger in La Osservatore Romano discussing the document:
"I find the claim of our Lutheran friends frankly absurd, i.e., that we are to consider these structures resulting from chance historical events as the Church in the same way that we believe the Catholic Church, founded on the apostolic succession in the Episcopate, is the Church."

No chance historical events in Roman Catholic history? My, my. And how, exactly, are "chance historical events" to be distinguished from the plan and purpose of He Who Moves In Mysterious Ways, His Wonders To Perform?

Posted by Law Talking Guy

Anonymous said...

This is an interesting and telling post  from Atrios. Definitely worth the read. 

Posted by Bell Curve

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, no random historical events eh? So the 3 popes at once thing was God's work not Man's? Interesting. Same with the Crusades (including the sacking of Christian cities in the Byzantine Empire by bored Crusaders)? Selling of indulgences? Papal elections under threat of murder by mobs? What about the Reformation itself? What about the Schism between East and West? God's plan? Why did God change his mind about priestly celebacy in the Middle Ages? What about using Latin? Did Jesus preach in Latin?

Frankly I find the arguments of Mr. Ratzinger to be patently absurd. 

// posted by Raised By Republicans

Dr. Strangelove said...

"Listen: usually, when I see a German guy on a balcony with an adoring throng underneath him, that tends to make me a little nervous."
-Dennis Miller, Apr. 20, 2005 (as guest on The Daily Show)