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Friday, April 22, 2005

Don't mess with Texas!

Say what you will about the Republican party, but it is impressive how they run things. The Dems have a big umbrella-like policy, where different viewpoints are more or less accepted. But boy, in the Republicans? Try to prevent a UN-hating guy from being ambassador to the UN, and this happens to you.

I'm impressed.

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Anonymous said...

Voinovich is an old school Republican. Unlike today's shrill and vitriolic theocrats, Voinovich's political reputation in Ohio is as a "deficit hawk" and "small government" conservative. His first major office was as Mayor of Cleveland which had just declared bankruptcy in the 1970s. Voinovich was credited with starting Cleveland on the road to recovery with his pragmatic approach to fixing the dysfunctional city government and budget. Later, he was elected Governor of Ohio during the go-go 90s and presided over a period of extended prosperity in which Ohio went from having double digit unemployment and massive deficits to virtually 0 unemployment and budget surplusses. Sure, he gutted the university budgets but he didn't try to force schools or colleges to teach creationism (or any of its aliases) in biology class either.

Voinovich just won reelection in 2004 so I doubt he much cares about what "Move America Forward" thinks of his position on a mysanthropic sociopath who will be long forgotten by 2010. 

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