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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Big Turnout

Hi Everyone,

There are reports all over the web and the news about huge turnout in the election. Bell Curve and I have first hand information on this. We are neighbors and vote in the same precinct. He and I went over to vote at 6:50 am, arriving at our polling place at 7:00 am sharp. There was already a line (30 minutes long). I've been voting in this precinct for several elections and I have usually voted before 8 am and NEVER SEEN ANY LINE AT ALL!!

This is a heavily Democratic neighborhood in Los Angeles and there are no close ballot measures that really getting people excited. Yet turnout is far higher than I've ever seen. If this holds for the rest of California (and from what I see on the web it is), I think it is extremely unlikely that Bush will win the popular vote. I'm increasingly confident that Kerry will win the whole thing. But only if people keep voting like they are this morning.

What are you seeing at your polling place? Let us know generally where it is and what's happening.


The Law Talking Guy said...

To avoid the crush, I voted absentee.

Gaoshan said...

I just voted for Kerry here in Ohio. The polling station was not busy when I went (no wait to get one of the 8 booths available). The ladies in charge of checking your name off never asked to see my ID or any other sort of proof I was who I said I was (Of course, it's a small town so they probably know that I'm "the guy with the Chinese wife".) Actually, my wife just became a U.S. citizen this year and this was her first time voting. She said she was worried about punching the wrong hole and thus took extra long to make sure she didn't vote Republican by accident. She was also surprised by how many "extra issues" were on the ballot (one was to permit a local liquor store to have Sunday sales... she wondered why that was a voting issue).

The democratic monitor at the polling station is a friend of mine and he said that no republican "challenger" or monitor had shown up. He also says he will be accompanying the ballot box to it's offical county destination this evening just to make sure the Bushies don't attempt to subvert the Democratic process.

I was dismayed to see quite a few Bush/Cheney signs had been put up overnight. I saw probably twice as many pro-Bush signs on election day than I had seen up until then. They were all red "Vote Today" signs and had a small "Bush/Cheney '04" in the corner. More neighbors than I would have expected had these signs in their yards this morning (Surprising, as I had thought folks around here... a relatively liberal area... would tend to support the forces of truth, justice and the American Way as opposed to Bush/Cheney).

*BREAKING NEWS* I just got off the phone with a best friend of RBR and myself (code name: EDM) and he reports that in Columbus, Ohio the line at his polling place (in a predominantly Republican area) was so long that some people were waiting for 3 hours and still had not voted! Additionally, he reports a break down in the machines (manual or electronic I know not) that has made things even worse in his area.

I will report back with any other Ohio Election goodies I come across.

Rolleroid said...

I voted in OC. Got there at 6:45 and the line was already long (took me about 30 minutes to vote, got a paper ballot and was done before most of the electronic voters). Judging from the comments in line - the ratio was 15 conservative to 1 liberal - not that surprising in OC. A guy who was reading an LA Times was berated for not reading an OC Register...

BearPatrol said...

I voted in LA this morning. The booths were almost all full, but there no lines as of 8:30.

Someone in one of the forums had a good quote from a CNN reporter - "People dont stand for 3 hours in line waiting for to vote for more of the same."

Gaoshan said...


My son just returned from school (he's a first grader) and told me that the school held a mock election for president. The result was, according to my young guy, overwhelmingly in support of Bush. Since most kids are going to vote however their parents are going to, I would say that is disturbing. However, some kid's probably voted for Bush because they recognized his name.

One boy lobbied my son to vote for Bush, telling him, "Kerry wants to kill babies before they are born". Grrrrr...... Happily, my son told him that that was a lie made up by somebody to trick people into voting for Bush but since Bush is stupid and a liar and he started a war, no one should vote for him. Brought a tear to my eye. That's my boy!

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