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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Arafat's Successors Admit Arafat is Dead

When the first rumor appeared that Arafat was dead, I got all excited and called Dr. Von Brawn on the phone. While we were talking about what this would mean, CNN's scrol bar on the TV said, "French Officials announce Arafat 'has been moved to a facility more befitting his condition.'" Which we both took to mean "a slab." But as with the Soviet leaders of old, death is more of a political condition than a physical one and it is only today that Arafat is officially dead.

So now the world will wait with baited breth for two things:

1) Who will take over the Palestinian Authority?

2) When is Fidel Castro finally going to kick the bucket? (he's now #1 on the world leader/celebrity death watch list)

Comments? Discussion?

1 comment:

US West said...

My friends and I have decided that for Castro to really bug Bush, he should offer assylum to all Americans seeking to leave the U.S. after Nov 2. We think that would re-invigorate the Cuban economy. I think that guy still has some life going on.