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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Ashcroft Resigns

Today, Attorney General John Ashcroft submitted his resignation. I fervently hope that the Democrats in the Senate filibuster any other such appointment as a replacement. John Ashcroft has a big problem for an Attorney General -- he has no respect for the rule of law. Under Ashcroft, the Justice Department advanced a theory that should shock every American. That theory is that the US Government may accuse a US Citizen of being a terrorist, and then, without making any evidentiary showing to anyone, lock up that person indefinitely, incommunicado, with no right to a day in court, ever. Jose Padilla is such a person being held in the brig right now. There may be others, but we do not know. Ashcroft says he does not have to tell anyone. This was the issue that the election should have been fought over. This is the reason why George W. Bush is not fit to lead this country.

Ashcroft also held daily prayer meetings in his office in the morning. The purpose of these meetings was: (1) to inform others in the office that fundamentalist christians among them would have a special private "in" with their boss; (2) to demonstrate how little he cares for any separation of church and state, by using government offices for prayer meetings; and (3) to deliberately alienate the high percentage of liberal Jewish attorneys there. Imagine if your boss started holding prayer sessions in the office on weekday mornings. How would you feel if that weren't your religion? What would you think about your prospects for promotion? Any pressure to join?

In Ashcroft's America, you are a second class citizen unless you're his kind of "christian."

Goodbye, John Ashcroft. Go to hell.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't come at a better time, considering this decision. Maybe there is hope...

Raised By Republicans said...

Hooray for his Honor, Judge Robertson!!

And as for John Ashcroft going to Hell. Is that near Branson, MO?

Didn't Dante have a special punishment for fake Christians who used religion to put people down - come on 7th Sister, help out an ignorant Lawrence U. alum who didn't pay attention in the world lit class!

US West said...

Well, I am glad that Ashcroft is gone. But let's hope we don't see him as a Supreme Court nominee. Reuters is reporting that White House council, Alberto Gonzales will be named to take over. Specualtion is that his nomination hearings will lead to Congress delving into his role in justifying the treatment of "emeny combatants". Do you think this cabinet reshuffle might lead to some more serious investigations? Or am I being too hopeful?

This is the link to the story. (

Anonymous said...

Sorry, RbR. I didn't take the Dante class at finishing school since it conflicted with Advanced Homemaking (or maybe it was Feminist Political Theory). However, I can assure you that Hell is somewhere in the neighborhood of Hobart, Oklahoma.

A cautiously optimistic Seventh Sister.

Bell Curve said...

Okay, let's get something straight. If you thought Bush was going to replace Ashcroft with Rudy Giuliani or some other moderate Republican, you haven't learned how this administration works. It looks like Ashcroft will be replaced by Alberto Gonzales. Never heard of Alberto Gonzales? He's the guy who wrote the decision that the Geneva Convention does not apply to Al Qaeda. He essentially said it was okay for the Bush administration to commit war crimes. He also thinks our Guantanamo policy is okay, among other things. And we're supposed to be celebrating Ashcroft being replaced?

George Bush is more the same than ever*. Everyone needs to stop waiting for him to change.

Raised By Republicans said...

Yes, we seem to be facing the replacement of a fundamentalist religious fanatic with a secular fascist. Hobson's choice if there was one!

I agree with Bell Curve that this administration is all about talking the talk of moderation and walking the walk of extremism.

FYI: The Religious Right wants to start cashing in their IOU with Arlen Specter's head on a plate. Specter (R-PA) warned Bush not appoint anyone too far to the right to the Supreme Court. This has sparked a vitriolic reaction from all those good Christians out there (like the one who wrote that email to Andrew Sullivan). Is this in preperation for pushing through extreme judicial and justice department appointments? Step 1, get rid of the "RINO" (Republican In Name Only) on the Judiciary Committee and appoint a bunch of Evangelical Ayatollahs to run the country. Step 2, ???. Step 4, Christian Utopia.

Raised By Republicans said...

Well, its official. Bush appointed Gonzales to replace Ashcroft.

"His sharp intellect and sound judgment have helped shape our policies in the war on terror," Bush said at the White House on Wednesday afternoon. "He always gives me his frank opinion; he is a calm and steady voice in times of crisis. He has an unwavering principle of respect for the law."

That quoted from: