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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A WWII Vet Speaking About Equality For Gays In Maine

This is a great clip of a WWII vet speaking about whether or not Gay people should have the same rights as anyone else. This is yet another demonstration of why the current incarnation of the Republican party is so marginalized and likely to continue to be so until it undergoes a revolutionary purge of the Religious fanatics that dominate it today. If they can't win over an elderly, white, male, war veteran on a social issue who are they appealing to? The fringe of the fringe? Hate mongers?

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Anonymous said...

That clip is awesome - I wanted to sic Law Talking Baby on him so he could enjoy the wonder of a full-body toddler-hug.

While some of the most elderly members of my family are frankly delusional about many political matters, the former psychiatrist is justifiably proud of himself for counseling any number of families and gay kids through the 1970s. He was adamant that those kids were normal, not mentally ill, and their parents needed to put up and shut up.

-Seventh Sister