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Monday, October 05, 2009

Deep Thought

I bet that if I drugged and raped a 13 year-old girl, I wouldn't get 100 Hollywood big shots rushing to my defense. Just a guess.

How is this an issue they should be defending? And Woody Allen ... you probably should have sat this one out.


Raised By Republicans said...

No kidding!

Does anyone else think Apple is having second thoughts about that new Ipod commercial with a Cat Stevens song in the background and Whoopi "It wasn't rape-rape" Goldberg figuring prominently?

The Law Talking Guy said...

It's unbelievable that the some of the same people who would go nuts over the (falsely accused) Duke LaCrosse team seem to have no problem with Polanski.

It's reminiscent of the way a segment of American society gets mad if you "attack" their heroes, like Kobe Bryant. In fact, there's a strong parallel. A swathe of American society defends their athlete-heroes no matter what they do. Similarly, a group of snootier people in hollywood nonetheless behave the same way when one of their own is in trouble for sexual misconduct.

I am very disappointed in any number of Democratic politicians who, probably afraid of losing Hollywood donations, won't call "bullshit" on this.

Yes, it may be true that the girl consented (as much as any drugged 14 year old can) or that Polanski thought she had. Yes, it may be true that American sex laws are too prudish and overenforced in general. Yes, it may be true that the original trial of Polanski waas tainted. Yes, it may also be true that arresting him now is strange. But none of that is remotely relevant to the point that Polanski was convicted of a serious "sex predator" crime (the kind that people on Lifetime TV can't get enough of) but fled before sentence could be imposed. Fleeing from the court and the country is sufficient to punish Polanski severely.

And, of course, if Polanski were an average joe, NONE of these celebrities would be endorsing or supporting him. Fortunately, most of the list of signers appear to be French actors who probably are seriously ill-informed as to the real facts. I suspect that most of them are just signing a petition agaisnt what they think of as puritanical US sexual laws without understanding that Polanski's actions constitute a crime in every western country (probably okay in Muslim countries like Saudi and Afghanistan where forcible sex with 11-year old "brides" is okay, but I digress).

Raised By Republicans said...

"Fleeing from the court and the country is sufficient to punish Polanski severely."

I completely agree. This stopped being about rape and the abuse of a young girl the minute Polanski was found guilty. From that point on, this was about the rule of law and its consistent application. Polanski used his fame, money and international contacts and multiple passports to circumvent due process because he didn't like his chances. That cannot be tolerated.

Anonymous said...

Punishment enough was seeing your pregnant wife disemboweled and the unborn baby cut out of her womb by the Manson clan. However, that is no excuse to rape a 13 year old girl ...and he hasn't suffered because of that crime, at least in my view, (but, I think he has suffered)...he is Polish and a French citizen because he grew up in France and traveled Europe question is, why now...why did they arrest him now? Funny the timing..Manson family member, Susan Atkins died in prison a few weeks ago, strange. I think the Hollywood folks come to his aide because of the Manson murders...and perhaps forgiving to a fault. Even his victim has forgiven him and does not want him to spend time in jail...but in my personal opinion, all pedophiles should be put away after one offense...a one strike law...wonder if it would deter these people.

Raised By Republicans said...

Anonymous 12:46,

But that horrible event happened before the whole sordid story with the rape of the 14 year old. Are you implying that if you are the victim of a bad enough crime a different standard of legal accountability applies to you for the rest of your life?

I think my response to your relating this to the Manson Family murder of Sharon Tate and your question of "why now?" is the same. This isn't about karma. This isn't about balancing some sort of scales of punishment etc. This isn't even about the victim anymore. This is about the rule of law and the principle that wealth and fame do not put you above the law.

The courts of a functioning society cannot allow some rich people to use their wealth to escape legally arrived at punishments following due process.

The Law Talking Guy said...

"Even his victim has forgiven him and does not want him to spend time in jail"

No, that's not true.

The victim was paid $500,000 to settle a civil suit in 1993, and most likely agreed in that settlement not to press charges. She has made it clear that Roman Polanski ruined her life - she is forever just the girl who Polanski raped - and she doesn't want to go through another criminal proceeding in the press that will take away whatever little privacy or anonymity she may have had, all to put a man in jail that she no longer wants to think about.

I cannot imagine why he chose to honor his late wife's memory by raping a 14-year old girl, but I fail to see the history as in any way exculpatory.

RBR is correct: the flight from justice is the real problem that must be punished even if the underlying crime ends up being more or less negated in the penalty phase.

Anonymous said...

At first, I was kind of baffled by the whole Hollywood Comes Together to Support Our Brave Hero Mr. Polanski nonsense. But what I think is driving it is a deep vein of misogyny in television and film.

Women aren't people in show business, they are products. Much as I like TV, it's entirely disheartening when even a relatively progressive TV director (Joss Whedon) can't manage to keep even one female character who doesn't resemble a living Barbie on a network show for more than one season.

Why are we constantly treated to movies where an attractive woman with major self-esteem issues has to "find true happiness" with a relentlessly unattractive semi-jerk (Knocked Up, The Holiday)? And why are these movies pitched to women? I don't want to watch that crap whether they call them chick flicks or not (and I don't think I'm alone). Why are children's tv characters mostly men and boys? Why does practically every woman on a network TV show look like they are a candidate for emergency nutritional supplements? Why did we have to wait for the death of national network news for women anchors?

As far as I can tell, women are entirely fungible commodity, whether it's a teenage girl, a talented writer or an actress who doesn't resemble a scarecrow. The reason no one seems to care about that girl or that crime is that Polanski is big, rich, successful and "artistic."

-Seventh Sister

Raised By Republicans said...

I fear you are on to something, Seventh Sister. There is a lot of blatant mysogyny in show biz - much more so than in other industries. And it seems to still be acceptable behavior in show biz where as it has at least been ashamedly swept under the rug elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Women are their own worst enemy in Hollywood...the new starlets to be and wanna be'es, will do pretty much anything to get in front of the camera and clearly, there have always been predatory producers, directors etc., that will see that and take full advantage...its time for everyone to take responsibility for this stuff. A famous porn actress was at book signing in LA last year and she was visibly troubled by the age of the girls who came to get their book's signed by the actress...they were 13, 14, 15 years old and they idolized her...she was shocked. So you can also thank global internet porn, not just Hollywood for how women are viewed and treated. It is horrific how women are treated and thought of all over the world, and in that respect, I think Hollywood is a bit player.