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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The NRA is Dishonest and Sleazy

I just got - four minutes ago - a "push poll" from the NRA. They called my office, identified themselves as the NRA taking a one-question poll, and asked me what I thought of "the UN scheme to ban all guns in America." I curtly informed them that this was a place of business. I would have told the volunteer calling me that she and her organization were being incredibly dishonest, sleazy, and were originally formed to defend the KKK, but why bother. They're not right in the head, they are armed, and they seem to know where I work.

That's how the NRA operates, people. Total dishonest sleaze.


Raised By Republicans said...

Was there any explanation of this "UN scheme?" Or was it just blurted out like that?

The wording of the question is enough to say that this was not done for social scientific value.

Bell Curve said...

This Daily Kos diarist got the same call and has a good rundown. Basically, this has been a crazy conspiracy theory for years. Now, however, we are through the looking glass and crazy conspiracy theories are becoming mainstream. *sigh*

eiscremeluvr said...

But, how DO you feel about the UN scheme to ban all guns in America??

The Law Talking Guy said...

The UN won't even take on nuclear weapons. What the hell makes anyone think they will take on handguns?

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!