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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

It Was Only A Matter Of Time

Iowa's supreme court recently ruled that Gays have the same rights to get married as anyone else. Iowa has a history of trying to entice its expatriates in California and other places to come back to Iowa. Iowa has a far lower cost of living (especially relative to average wages) and something of a youth and brain drain problem that state leaders have been trying to reverse for years. But this ruling is encouraging some people in Iowa go after people who may never have lived her before. A handful of tourism boards in Eastern Iowa set up shop at Gay Days in Disneyland advertising Iowa as a place to get married and live in peace and equality. The link above is to a news story from the biggest city in that part of the state, Cedar Rapids.

This is a really great idea and I hope it works.


The Law Talking Guy said...

What will be interesting is if businesses in Iowa, as well as chambers of commerce and such, actually open up to gay people and their small businesses.

Raised By Republicans said...

I've heard rumors that some of the bigger employers are pretty good on that score. Certainly the colleges and universities are. I think I've heard that Rockwell is pretty good as are the educational testing companies over around Iowa City (Pearson, ACT etc). I don't know about the insurance companies in Des Moines. If any of the businesses are likely to be unreceptive, it would be the ag processors like Hormel and Quaker Oats but I could be wrong about them.