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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fail Goes Worldwide

Bell Curve's attention to the idiotic comment in the Investor's Business Daily that Stephen Hawking would not survive in the UK under NHS has now gone viral, worldwide. I doubt we started it, but we helped! Professor Stephen Hawking has now responded, praising the NHS for saving his life. Hawking is in Washington today receiving a Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Obama, which is both nice and weird (I mean, do you bother to make space in your Nobel cabinet for it?). The Investor's Business Daily has removed the remark from its article.

The Investor's Business Daily has yet to apologize, however, for its stupidity or its use of scare tactics. Shame on the Investor's Business Daily for not printing a fullretraction both their false statements about Professor Hawking and of the phony and obviously false argument that NHS (or anything in the current health insurance reform efforts in Congress) would doom the disabled.


Anonymous said...

I say we all call Investor's Daily and tell them what lying sacks of dog smegma they really are...I consider them terrorists. WW

Raised By Republicans said...

Now now, WW. They are undoubtedly "real Americans" just like Sarah Palin and our sainted troops.