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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Rumors About Palin Zeroing In On Something

Hi Everyone,

So I found this story on Chicago's Fox affiliate website. If you don't trust Fox reporting (who can blame you) here is a story from left-of-center Mark Blumenthal that says basically the same thing. In it, they raise two items.

First, that the motive for Palin's sudden resignation is that she is about to be accused of an making an illegal deal with an Alaska construction company in which her large home was built using their materials (for free) in exchange for then Mayor Palin granting the company the contract for the over sized sports complex that wrecked Wasilla's finances. This story has been around for a while. Indeed, it was one of the first series of negative stories about Palin way back in August of 2008.

The second item they raise is that there are rumors coming out now that Palin has told her close friends that she is dropping out of politics entirely.

Dr. S. I agree with you about politics most of the time and even when I don't I respect your positions (even if I can come off a bit dismissive rhetorically). That said, I do think the time may be coming when you will have to concede that McCain's appointment of Palin as his running mate was not visionary, bold, or a "hail Mary" but rather a desperate, ill considered and irresponsible decision by an ambitious man with poor judgement and a mediocre mind. She is about to be shown to be, at best, a thin skinned prima donna who can't stand the heat on the national political scene (compare her response to press criticism to Obama's response to the Rev. Wright scandal). At worst, she is a hypocritical, corrupt and not very bright local politician who rose a level or two beyond that of her competence because of her looks and public speaking appeal.


Pombat said...

In terms of how choosing Palin bounced his approval ratings up, and got a whole load of 'hockey mom' types onside, I still think choosing her was a good move for him at the time. I also think it was a bit of a dick move (hey, the Dems don't have Hillary anymore, tell you what, I'll give those Dem chicks another chick to vote for, they won't be able to resist), but then.

Raised By Republicans said...

Pombat, I think you are misinformed about the "Palin Effect" on McCain's campaign. Obama won a bigger share of the female vote than any Democrat in years (Obama got 56% of the female vote, Kerry got 51%, Gore got just over 50% - can't find exact numbers easily). Also, by the peak of the campaign Palin's approval/disapproval numbers were worse than McCain's (implying she was a drag on the ticket).

Palin did nothing to help McCain with women. What she did do was help him with the Religious right.

Dr. Strangelove said...

That time you speak of, RbR, in which I will concede Palin's selection for VP was a lousy choice rather than a brilliant move, may indeed be coming. So far Palin's surprise resignation certainly does look like another nail in the coffin. But since my instincts regarding McCain proved to be correct--he won the GOP nomination in 2008--I am not conceding just yet. Time will tell. I'm hoping you are right, RbR, I really am!

Raised By Republicans said...

Fair enough Dr. S. I must say that I thought McCain was all but finished in the fall of 2007. You did call that one correctly.

Raised By Republicans said...

The FBI is announcing that she's not under investigation as far they know. So that leaves, that she's either just crazy and threw a hissy fit and quit or somebody has been "hiking the Appalachian trail" as they say.