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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

California Governor in 2010

Let me quote from a candidate's website:

"Fundamental reform is needed. Gavin Newsom is committed to comprehensive budget reform in Sacramento – starting with eliminating the antiquated 2/3 majority vote requirement for budget approval and convening a Constitutional Convention to explore reforms to California’s ballot initiative process. To fix California’s budget crisis, Gavin Newsom believes that all options must be on the table."

Now, I've not been a Newsom supporter before, but this is worth working for. I know what "all options" means. Do you?


Raised By Republicans said...

He's going to pray for more tax revenue? ;-) just kidding.

It means a constitutional convention.

Question: How is a constitutional convention called? Is it a legislative vote? Can the Governor block it? Does it require a referendum to call one?

Anonymous said...

It means prop 13.

Anonymous said...

Legislature must call it with 2/3 vote. There is a proposal circulating to amend the cinstitution to allow a referendum to call a conventuion for the purpose of ending the referendum systm.