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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Palin Whines Some More and Threatens Law Suits

Palin is now upset that other politicians get to quit their jobs for the good of the country but she doesn't. She claims its a double standard. Saying she was answering a "higher calling," Palin claims that her resignation is "about country." She is blaming the "main stream media" for the generally confused and/or negative response to her latest stunt. She's even got her lawyer seemingly threatening legal action against a blogger for blogging about rumors about the real reason Palin is resigning from elected, high office so suddenly and with little in the way of coherent explanation.

If she isn't about to quit politics entirely, this resignation makes no sense to me at all. If her political instincts are so bad that she thought that leaving office with a year and a half left in her first term would do anything to improve her image as a flakey light weight, then her instincts are terrible. The resignation and subsequent rambling and flailing about by Palin herself is so bizarre as to make it nearly impossible for her to recover anything like a serious reputation among any but her most ardent supporters.

If she is about to quit politics entirely then why is she still fighting with the press? All they are reporting is that people are confused about her resignation. If they are, it is only because Palin has not given anything like a coherent explanation for her motives. If there are rumors about corruption it is only because she and her husband, self appointed working class heros, live in a 3500 sq ft house valued at over a half a million dollars built on the salary of a small town mayor and guy who bounces from temporary job to temporary job - sometimes a fisherman, sometimes an oil field worker, sometimes a construction worker. This palatial life-style was built up while raising five kids. It's natural that there will be rumors even if it is all above board. If it is all above board, release the financial statements and have done with it. Why keep lashing out???

I must say though, that I think Sarah Palin is barely qualified (by dint of her erratic and arrogant personality) to be president of my neighborhood association, let alone mayor of my town or governor of my state. So when she says she is resigning for the good of Alaska and the good of the country, I can absolutely agree with her that her quitting is good for the community.


Dr. Strangelove said...

She is such a tease. Now if Palin would just quit politics entirely, that really would be for the good of the country!

Pombat said...

To be perfectly frank, I'm deeply disappointed in The Citizens - not even a whiff of a lawsuit! You're clearly not trying hard enough...

Raised By Republicans said...

We're still waiting to get sued by the Matt Groening or Fox TV.