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Friday, March 28, 2008

Donna Fern Edwards

Today, the 8-term democratc congressman from the 4th Dist. of Maryland, Albert Wynn, resigned his seat. Mr. Wynn is an African-American. He just lost the primary election to Donna Fern Edwards, who is also an African-American. In her triumphant post-primary post, she notes that she hammered Wynn on his votes for the Iraq war and for Bush's horrible, horrible bankruptcy reform. Hillary Clinton voted for both these laws also (actually, Clinton voted for the 2001 Bankruptcy act that died in 2003, and did not vote on the revived but very similar law in 2005). It's fascinating that this did not make bigger news earlier (the primary was Feb. 12th). Not surprisingly, she endorsed Barack Obama for President during her insurgent run, who also cleaned up in Maryland on Feb. 12th. We don't normally expect to see coattails until a general election, but there it is. If Gov' O'Malley holds a special election, she will probably win and be a superdelegate, although the seat may just remain vacant until November.

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Dr. Strangelove said...

Ironically, Mr. Wynn had also endorsed Obama. So if the governor chooses to hold the seat vacant until November, the net result of Donna Fern Edwards' triumph will cost Obama a superdelegate.