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Monday, September 24, 2007

There's Stupid and then there's Bush

CNN is reporting this morning that a new book that interviews Bush extensively quotes Bush as predicting that the Republicans will win in 2008. That's probably wrong but at least possible if the Democrats screw up badly enough - and Bush would be expert on benefiting from that phenomenon (well that and election fraud).

But what really struck me was that Bush says that Obama is "intellectually lazy and condecending to voters" - Wow! I've heard of the pot calling the kettle black but this is a case of the pot calling a polar bear black. Dude!

There are some people who are not very bright but who at least recognize intelligence in others. Then there are people like Bush who are not very smart but think they are and can't recognize genuine intelligence when they see it.

I think LTG has relatives who met Obama in law school. A friend of mine's mother was Obama's teacher in elementary school. My friend said that his mother said Barack was an exceptional little kid.

Obama is a graduate of Columbia (BA in political science) and Harvard Law. And unlike Bush whose Ivy League education served mainly to introduce him to the folks who would later bail out his repeated failures in business, Obama's education got him a job as a lecturer in Constitutional Law at one of the nations top law schools. At the same time he was a State Legislator in the Illinois assembly. During this period, Bush was watching a lot of baseball - and making some really dumb decisions for the Rangers there too (I'll leave it to LTG to comment on both the law and baseball - Bell Curve what is your assessment of Bush as a baseball team owner?).

Intellectually lazy??? You have got to be kidding me!


USWest said...

What's worse, Bush chooses rather dim people to serve him (Tony Snow comes to mind)and thinks they are bright.

He has no discernment either for good intelligence and bad intelligence. Good intelligence is used for good things. Bad intelligence, such as that of Cheney, is used for bad things.

And he thinks that intelligence in one domain will equate to high skill in another (Condi Rice).

The Law Talking Guy said...

Of course, today Ahmadinejad is proving to us that Bush isn't the dumbest world leader around.