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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

In the Navy

It was brought to my attention that a little-remarked news story shows that Bush's military is still experiencing a mismatch of policies and resources. This is basic. Not enough food. Here's another version. That's right. New rules designed to be more "hardass"(read: conservative) now require midshipmen at the naval academy to eat many more meals on campu. But they did not have enough food to go around! We're talking meals like breakfast with gravy, but no biscuits, and one slice of pizza for dinner, or having to share a chicken breast. It took weeks to fix this problem.

This ought to be a political issue (note the supposedly liberal press ignores it). First, not giving enough food to these guys and girls is totally shameful. You go down to the Costco if you have to, but you don't just say "whoops, not enough in the budget" and see if anyone complains. Second, it shows again one of the most basic problems with the Bush administration: they issue these policy directives with no thought to providing the resources to implement them. It's like the passport processing problem. Or the trouble with Iraq altogether. No planning, no forethought, no follow-through. We need a return of basic competency, and the GOP obviously is not up to the job.


Raised By Republicans said...

Why do military people still like this guy? Is cognative dissonance so powerful a motive that they would watch the best of them literally starved due to neglect rather than give Bush the kind of criticism they gave to Clinton at the drop of the hat?

Or do they get so much utility from being at war that they'll support any jerk who sends them no matter how badly he treats them. (note: I don't believe the old cliche about how anti-war soldiers are).

Ren said...

I find the level of incompetence coming out of the Bush White House exhausting. Sometimes words come out of his mouth that form ideas that at least have sense and logic, but then the following actions just so utterly fail.

Can we impeach him for the High Crime of failing to do his job?