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Friday, August 31, 2007

Senator Warner (R-VA) Will Retire

Senator Warner of Virginia announced his retirement. Everyone is calling it a likely Democratic pickup by popular Mark Warner, former governor. Certainly, it makes Virginia a terrific Democratic battlefield in 2008 Senate elections.

Other likely Democratic pickups:
1. Colorado (Allard - Retiring)
2. NewHampshire (Sununu unpopular iin NE going blue)
3. Minnesota (first-term Coleman)

Other possibilities:
1. Oregon (turning blue state)
2. Maine (Collins, less popular than Snowe: see Sununu in NH)

1. New Mexico (Domenici/AG problems)
2. Alaska (Ted Stevens fiasco)
3. Idaho ('nuff said)

Democratic vulnerabilities:
1. Louisiana - Mary Landrieu (probably saved by Vitter's scandal)
2. South Dakota - Tim Johnson's health and party.

Likely result: Dems pick up at least 3 for 54-46 Senate (counting Lieberman and Sanders as Dems).


Dr. Strangelove said...

Now that Sen. Craig is resigning, does take Idaho out of play?

Raised By Republicans said...

I'd say that Idaho is safe for the GOP without Craig on the ticket. They'll run some fire breathing Christian Fundamentalist who'll scream about "GUNS GAYS AND GAWD" even louder than usual.