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Monday, August 27, 2007

Another One Bites the Dust

I thought it would never happen. Today, however, Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales announced his resignation effective September 17. I would have assumed this was just another rat leaving the sinking ship that is the Bush administration, but for one curious note in the NY Times report this morning:

As late as Sunday afternoon, Mr. Gonzales himself was denying through his spokesman that he was quitting. The spokesman, Brian Rohrekasse, said Sunday that he telephoned the attorney general about the reports of his imminent resignation, "and he said it wasn’t true — so I don’t know what more I can say."
It could well be that Gonzales' spokesman was just lying--we have come to expect such antics in this administration, which has shown time and time again that they only care about putting out the right "message," not telling the truth. On the other hand, it could be that Gonzales lied to his spokesman, revealing just how shut out are those outside this administration's inner circle. Or perhaps Gonzales himself did not know the truth until last night, which would imply the move was Bush's decision, not Gonzales'--perhaps, with the departure of Karl Rove, Bush's remaining team felt less loyalty to Gonzales and no longer wanted the liability.

At any rate, it is a pleasure to see Alberto "Torture Memo" Gonzales head off to the ash-heap of history.


Raised By Republicans said...

I am curious what Bush will be like with his entire inner circle gone. This is a man so completely dependent on his advisors that he actually lives in a kind of bizarro reality.

Now that all those advisors are gone what will emerge from the White House? Will Dick Cheney's pulling of the strings be made obvious? Will Bush simply spiral down into an ever deeper drunken stupor?

As for Gonzalez...good riddance to bad rubbish. Worst AG in decades.

I say Congress should still prosecute the SOB.

The Law Talking Guy said...

GOP to Bush: we can't defend Iraq AND Gonzalez AND Rove and Miers. Take your pick. Give us an AG we can support and we'll be able to back you on wiretapping and executive privilege. And do it before the September Iraq Report.

I agree with RBR and Dr. S - Good riddance to an AG who made Meese look honest and Ashcroft look competent.