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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sarko or Sego?

That's the title of an interactive quiz at to help you decide who to vote for. Since I was still undecided I took the quiz and ... I'm for Royal, 12-8 out of 20 questions. So I guess I'll vote for her. All things being equal (and they mostly are, for me) I'd rather have a woman in charge anyway.

If you speak enough French and know enough about French politics (I had to look up a lot of the terms) take it yourself! I'd be interested in hearing the results.

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USWest said...

I took it. I am 11/9 Royale. I knew I was a socilaist at heart.

That said, this was an interesting excercise for me.

Do I choose as if I were living in France? Or do I choose based on my overall philosophy and beliefs about what governments should do for people?

I don't want France to become like the United States. I admire their more socially-centered policies. However, I do think many of them need reform. The problem is, when you start thinking about reform, your major frame of reference is the U.S. And so, you starting thinking about the proposals that the candidates have put forward and you say, "Hey, is that going to make more or less like U.S.? Will that lead them into some of our mistakes?"

That said, I think the U.S. has done certain things correctly, such as felxibility in the work force. Also, the thought of a VI Republic is scary to an American who has always had one Constitution and governmental system. For the French, it isn't such a big deal. Also, I am not terribly sure what the debate around the VI Republic is. I haven't been following the debate on community policing or the details about a new Immigration minister. So I know I am not a welll-informed voter.

So it is an interesting excercise that makes you question some of your own assumptions about government, politics, etc.