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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Oh Good! That'll fix everything!

When we started this mess in Iraq Bush appointed what amounted to a Viceroy for the occupation. I use the old feudal/imperial term deliberately.

Three years, 3000+ American lives and hundreds of billions of dollars later and things are even worse than when the Viceroy left his post with nothing accomplished. What is Bush's latest miracle solution???

He's appointed a "War Czar." I am amazed at the idiocy of this. Bush is acting as if the problem in Iraq is a management issue. The inability of this administration or anyone of influence within it to see even the most basic features of the political terrain in the Middle East is astounding. The problem in Iraq is that we're stuck between two (three) sides of a bitter civil war each of which is backed by regional powers who distrust us at best or hate us.

And will this even do what it promises? Will it really centralize command? No. In reality what this will do is add a commander (who will be based in the White House!) answerable only to the President but able to countermand the orders of regular command structure in the military. I can't imagine that the Joint Chiefs are happy about this at all. The spin from the White House will be that this centralizes command and control. The reality is that it will further politicize an already over politicized operation.

Bush is worse than Nixon. At least Nixon's escalations were part of an overall strategy of face saving withdrawal from Vietnam. Bush is just being criminally stupid.


USWest said...

I agree with RBR. I thought the Centralized Command was vested in the Joint Chiefs in coordination with the Sec. of Def and the National Security Advisor.

A "War Czar" isn't even an appropriate management response. This is just paper shuffling by an Administration that wants to look like it is doing something. Can Congress stop these people? They are only mucking up the chain of command even further. It is proof of growing bureaucracy.

Dr. Strangelove said...

According to Wikipedia, the position's title is, "Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor for Iraq and Afghanistan," and this position is currently occupied by Meghan O'Sullivan.

The difference is that the new person with this title would also now have the authority to issue interagency orders, as well as direct access to cabinet members. Apparently, National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley cannot focus on these wars and requires a deputy who can do so and enforce the President's wishes.

It is still as asinine as it sounds.

USWest said...

So, if I understand this correctly, the President's wishes haven't yet been carried out? Gee, looks like they have been carried out beautifully. Or perhaps it's the VP's wishes that aren't getting carried out.

This isn't an advisory post? Oh, silly me, this Administration doesn't take advice.

F#@&in a-holes.

The Law Talking Guy said...

I'm sure the "war czar" will be as effective as the "drug czar."

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