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Sunday, May 06, 2007

French Election Day

At midday, reports are that over 75% of French voters have cast their ballots. By the end, 85% of France's 44.5 mil voters had cast ballots. Sarkozy is the declared winner with 85% of the vote coutned. If you had tried to find out who was winning earlier today, you had no joy. French law bans the publication of any exit polls or projections in France until after the last polling stations close in big cities at 8 p.m.

Something else, we might want to consider adopting in our elections, that, and holding elections on a non-working day!


Anonymous said...

I think holding elections on weekends would be super. And maybe make Election Day a state/federal holiday for certain elections. As a commuter, it's darned inconvenient to go to a polling place either very early or very late on a workday, especially when going at lunch would be a two-hour round trip.

The current system also makes me unlikely to trek down to the polling station for some dinky local election, even though the Sanitation Commissioner probably has a bigger direct impact on my life than many other officials. You know, the garbage man can (cue music...).

I'm a little sad Royal didn't win from a "Gee, I wish there were more women world leaders" perspective, but I didn't follow the elections really closely.


The Law Talking Guy said...

Some states, such as Michigan, already make election day a holiday.