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Wednesday, June 29, 2005


In recent days, weeks, (seemingly forever, really) the Democrats in the Senate have been filibustering the Bolton nomination, saying that they needed the White House to release documents before they can call a vote on his nomination. What the Democrats have done a bad job of doing (in my opinion) is explaining to the public why Bolton should not be nominated. Well, in case you're one of those wondering, the Boston Globe gives a good rundown. Check it out.


Anonymous said...

Bell Curve and Dr. Strangelove, I want to thank you for keeping things moving while RBR and LTG are away!

Have you all heard that Republican Senator Thune  of South Dakota who replaced Tom Daschle is threatening to vote against Bolton if it comes to the floor? If they close close Ellsworth Air Force Base, he says he will give the Administration hell.

This is exactly the sort of thing that will do Bush in. If he starts to anger his Congressional cohort, then they will vote against him. And it is proof that if it is a choice between loosing one's Senate seat and cowtowing to the Administration, the players will go for self-preservation. 

// posted by USWest

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is why the Bush administration couldn't find someone of similar views but with a more stable personality. Bolton is clearly a guy with problems. The incedents of mistreatment of subordinates would get him fired in the private sector and probably also in universities - even if he had tenure.

Now it is a case of the Bush people being typically unwilling to admit to a mistake. Rather than say they blew it in vetting process, they are going to the wall for Bolton. What was it the Bushies liked to say after Bush v Gore? "The grown ups are back in charge?"  

// posted by Raised By Republicans

Anonymous said...

GWB wants to win. That's all this is. Schoolyard stuff. The 14 senators who called for moderation in judicial appointments asked the president to start consulting with them on such things, as is customary. GWB believes that any defeat of any kind will make him look weak. Luckily we'll beat him someday, on a stupid thing like this, and it will make him look weak precisely because that's the expectation he has created. 

// posted by Law Talking Guy