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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

If the President gives a speech and no one cares...

Did anyone see the address last night? Would anyone like to comment on it?


Anonymous said...

Warning: This is part rant, part making a point.

I didn't see the speech. I don't bother to see them. What new thing sould the man possible say? Winning in Iraq is winning the war on Terror; we are bringing freedom to poor oppressed Iraqis; we are making progress . . .Yada yada yada. I think it is a stunning show of insecurity that he felt the need to speak to "the people" about Iraq and still had nothing new to tell them.

And by the way, I work for the DoD. And we are not capable of winning any "War on Terror" or anything else. You know how I know? I can't get a pre-1980 built phone on my desk; I can't make a phone call from my desk because the phone line is weird (you can hear me, I can’t hear you) and it will take 6 months to get the 1 guy who does this stuff to fix it; I can't use my cell phone because the signal on base works about half the time, and we get our computer servers infiltrated about once a month requiring all of our files to be migrated from here to there losing half of them in the process. We are told to drink the water here at our own risk. Meanwhile, 6ft7 Osama Bin Laden is sitting in some shady cave getting his dialysis, calling his mother on his sat phone, making the occasional media appearance, and relaxing.

So do you really think I care what G.W. Bush has to say? 

// posted by USWest

Anonymous said...

USWest, you said it perfectly....It's completely about insecurity. Huffington has a good article today about the speech, take a look .

Reiterating the same things over and over again only works on the uninformed. Now I know I'm not the most informed American and I'm working on that, but it doesn't take very many brain cells to realize that spending $200 billion and getting no definitive (quantifiable) result isn't the best way to do things(business). And we'll never get them to admit the truth about why we are over there. I'm sick of living in a country where the leaders do reprehensible things to other countries and force us to tolerate it. I can't wait until I have children, just so that they can marvel at me, knowing I lived during the time of the worst U.S. president that ever came to power. 

// posted by Siddharthawolf

Anonymous said...

Sid --

I reposted your comment with a working link. You should try the "Insert Link" button next time.

I was hoping someone saw it, anyway. Just so I would know if anything interesting was said, because I sure wouldn't be able to pick up that tidbit from the press. 

// posted by Bell Curve

Anonymous said...

GWB's spinmeister Scott McClellan announced before the speech that Bush would offer no new plans and no actual news. So I didn't bother listening. I heard later that he repeated the lie that his adventurism in Iraq is related to 91/11.

But Bush lying is not news either. 

// posted by Law Talking Guy