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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Zell Miller Has Gone Nuts!

In the movie MASH, there is a scene where Hawkeye (played by Donald Sutherland) provokes Frank Burns (played by Robert Duvall) into attacking him by repeatedly asking Burns details about Margaret's sexual technique. Burns eventually leaps over the table and violently attacks Hawkeye. Hawkeye is on the ground being beaten and not resisting. Instead he is screaming, "Frank Burns has gone nuts!" The very next scene is Burns in a straight jacket being driven off to who knows where.

OK, I told you that story so I could tell you this one...

I was channel flipping tonight in a vain attempt at escapism after a long day of writing about politics. Nevertheless, I did manage to catch a remote interview between Chris Matthews and Zell Miller on MSNBC. Matthews kept asking Miller if he really believed the stuff he said about Kerry. "Do you really believe that John Kerry and Ted Kennedy don't want to defend this country?" or "Do you really think John Kerry and Ted Kennedy want to defend this country with spit balls?" or "Did the MX missile or the Harrier have any military impact in Afghanistan or Iraq?" or "Haven't you ever voted against a large package bill when you would have gladly voted for a smaller bill?" Rather than answer Matthews, Miller would go off on these bizarre tangents. At one point, he actually said, "I wish we lived in the day when I could challenge you to a duel!" Most of the interview, Matthews had to struggle to complete his questions because Miller kept interrupting him demanding that Matthews "Git outta my face! I wish I was over thar wichu so I could git in yor face!" At first I thought Chris Matthews was trying to interview Cotton Hill from "King of the Hill." Then I realized the simple truth....Zell Miller has gone nuts!!!!!

If you can log onto MSNBC and find a transcript of the interview do it! It just happened so its probably not up there just yet. I was in stitches half the time. Matthews was doing everything he could to keep from laughing at Zell Miller on national TV. Matthews kept giving winks to the people off camera whenever Miller would interrupt him. When Miller challenged him to a duel, Matthews nearly burst out laughing. Too bad the thing was on cable instead of NBC network news.


Bell Curve said...
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Bell Curve said...

My last comment (which contained the entire transcript of the interview) was too long. I looked around and found a link to the transcript and even to video of the interview!

The Law Talking Guy said...

Zell Miller is a warning to the country. If this is how ultra-right-wing and un-thinking Bush's *Democratic* supporters are, imagine what a real Bush Republican is like! My contempt for Zell Miller is laid up in the lies he told last night. The big lie is that the war in Iraq has anything at all to do with the war on the terrorists. By repeating that lie, he reveals himself to be a man of extremely low character. I am glad he retires from the Senate in January and will not again hold public office.

RepublicanGirl said...

Matthews only got last night what he has been dishing out to anyone who doesn't share his leftist views. I say BRAVO to Zell Miller!!!

Raised By Republicans said...

Chris Matthews is a leftist!? How far to the right do you need to be to think that?

The guy was one of the original "New Democrats" and worked with Pat Moynihan. He's is just as rough to Democrats as Republicans and during the Clinton administration was even rougher to Democrats.

You should see the love fests he has with John McCain!

Bell Curve said...

I want more details from RepublicanGirl. Specifically, where did Matthews "get what he has been dishing out" from Zell Miller? It didn't seem to me that Zell said anything resembling comprehensible there.

By the way, if you can find Zell's CNN interview, that's a worthwhile read too.