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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Polls that Matter

Here's a survey of recent important polls that show both the state of polling and the polling among the states:

Pennsylvania: (718 voters, MOE +/- 4%)
48 Bush, 47 Kerry
change from
49 Kerry, 44 Bush a week ago.

Ohio (661 voters, MOE +/- 4%)
52 Bush, 44 Kerry
change from
48 Bush, 47 Kerry, two weeks ago

Michigan polls (last week)
Dem Pollsters: 51 Kerry, 43 Bush (MOE +/- 4%)
Republican Pollsters: 47 Kerry, 42 Bush (MOE +/- 3%)

Florida (2 weeks ago)
Republican Pollsters: 48 Bush, 45 Kerry (MOE 3%)
Independent Pollsters: 47 Kerry, 46 Bush (MOE 4%)

(for obvious reasons, i.e., 2 million coastal residents away, nobody has polled in Florida for a week).

1 comment:

Raised By Republicans said...

Some polls showed a significant lead for Bush in Ohio after the RNC. Since the RNC Bush has spent a large amount of time in Ohio, especially in the heavily Republican I-75 corridor and in the socially conservative, pro-gun Appalachian counties along the W.Va. border.

And what did it get him? Did he solidify his lead? Nope. The latest polls show Ohio is back to a statistical tie. So much for the 9 point bounce in Ohio. It lasted a week.