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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Hey Law Talking Guy! Check This Out!

LTG is fond of saying that the electoral college is even more screwed up than people think. Here is a tidbit from

"One of the Republican electors in West Virginia has threatened to to cast his vote in the electoral college against George Bush even if Bush carries West Virginia. In a close election, one electoral vote could matter. In 2000, the final score was Bush 271, Gore 266, because one of Gore's electors, Barbara Lett-Simmons, cast a blank ballot."

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The Law Talking Guy said...

Most people do not realize that the electors are free to vote for whomever they choose. Many states have laws on the book requiring them to follow the election results, but all scholars agree that those laws are unenforceable. In 1872, the Democrat Horace Greeley died on November 29, after the popular vote but before the Electoral College vote. His EVs were then split among 4 other candidates. Three were still for the dead Greeley, but Congress refused to count these. Grant would have won anyway, but imagine if Grant had died instead!

Here's something to think about: Bush won because there are two Dakotas, and only one of California. If it were the other way around (with no change in population or votes at all), Gore would be President (notwithstanding the Florida fiasco).