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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

A Screw Up, A Cop Out and a Little Honest Graft

Three big news items lately all call into question the competence and honesty of the current US administration and their closest allies in the Middle East (the Saudi Royal Family).

In a screw up that is all the more alarming for its being so predictable, the US forces in Iraq alienated the new Iraqi police force in Najaf even before they could make their first patrol. The Iraqis have simply gone home.

In a Royal Cop Out the Saudi Monarchy allowed several Al Qaeda gunmen to escape following a bloody hostage crisis in Khobar, Saudi Arabia. Saudi officials say the move was needed to save lives however, while they say that they know the identity and appearance of the suspects, there is no report yet of their arrest.

When Bush campaigned in 2000, he claimed he would be restoring honor and integrity to the White House - a clear jab at the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. However, it would appear that Vice President Dick Cheney is not above a little honest graft.

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Anonymous said...

I like your Bush administration tactics here. Give us a story about three unrelated items. But by the very mention of them all in one story, draw the "obvious", but unmentioned, link between the Bush family and the Saudi royal family. You have tarred both without saying anything. Clever.