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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Farewell and Thank You Dr. Strangelove

Some of our frequent visitors may have noticed that Dr. Strangelove's avatar is no longer on the blog's banner. It is with deep regret that we say farewell to Dr. Strangelove. His contributions to our blog have been thought provoking and informative. Since we first asked him to join us, about a year after we started the blog (if memory serves), he made an immediate and positive impact.

In the strangely three dimensional world off-blog, the man behind Dr. Strangelove's identity continues to be our very good friend. So perhaps, "farewell" doesn't apply to us but only to the blog and his alternate identity. Regardless, I think THANK YOU definitely applies!


USwest said...

Here! Here!

May Dr. S' real person enjoy his blog-free existence!

bell curve said...


The Law Talking Guy said...

Yes, Thanks.