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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A Busy, Busy Fall

As I was doing my fantasy football drafts this weekend (Brees in one league, Peyton and LT in the other, thanks for asking....), I was thinking how excited I was about the coming Legislative season. This is it, people. The teabagger whackos will get off the news shows now that the press corps is back from vacation and everyone is returning to Washington to get down to business. Fall 2009-Spring 2010 is going to be the time that President Obama succeeds or fails in his legislative agenda. It sets the stage for the midterm elections, both state and federal, plus the coming census and redistricting/reapportionment. We set the table for the next three years politically. And it's looking very good, I think. Third quarter numbers will come out in about 30-odd days showing an end to the recession - actual economic growth in all likelihood. This will spur optimism, consumer confidence, and fuel a recovery. Plus the real stimulus money will be starting to hit construction. Deficit projections will look better, appeasing so-called fiscal conservatives. I predict some sort of a health care bill will pass that will allow the Democrats to proclaim victory. As I write this, the moon is orange outside, and a hurricane is hitting Cabo San Lucas. Wildfires and hurricanes, floods and legislative action. It's going to be a very busy political season.

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