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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Vermont Recognizes Gay Marriage

The Vermont legislature voted to override their Republican Governor's veto this morning to legalize gay marriage! I admit I got a little "verklempt" when I heard the news--I was stunned. Vermont is the first US state to grant marriage equality by legislation rather than by judicial fiat. And the lawmakers did so in style, mustering the 2/3 majority necessary to overcome a veto.

Also today, the Washington D.C. City Council voted unanimously to recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere. (Note that Washington D.C. is not part of any US State, so it decides these things separately.) And all this of course follows Iowa's historic Supreme Court decision four days ago. As LTG says, all eyes now turn to look across the river from Vermont to New Hampshire, where their House has already approved gay marriage and their Senate will take a vote in the next couple of weeks.

This is another good day.


Pombat said...

Huh, what?! YAY!!!

More sanity, superb! Hopefully it's *really* contagious, and KRudd will catch some too - irritatingly, coconut-boy (John Howard) was quite successful in his personal "let's take Aus back to the 50s" campaign, and marriage here is strictly defined as being between one man and one woman - that phrase is even in the damned ceremony (at least most of the celebrants I've seen have had the good grace to apologise for having to say it).

Looks like you might be right RbR - the dam is breaking...

ps RbR & LTG: thanks for the info on the Iowa thread.

Raised By Republicans said...

Way to go Vermont! I really do think the that for some people the naked bigotry of the Prop 8 campaign is making them think.

Plus, the stereotype about Iowa - even if misplaced - as a stronghold of social conservatism may be helping. It provides political cover for people in even more liberal states to say that equality is mainstream.

Also, this has become a major cause in the liberal "platform" and for most everyone else, the economy is giving them more important things to think about.

Raised By Republicans said...

CNN is reporting that the District of Columbia's Council is considering recognizing same sex marriages. The District is not entirely sovereign in this so if they vote as expected, it will provoke a fight in Congress.