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Friday, February 23, 2007

The Presidential Hokey-Pokey

Well, that was fast. Tom Vilsack was the first Democrat to enter the 2008 race, and the first to leave, today. As Bruce Babbitt said when he resigned on the eve of the Iowa caucuses in 1988, "I stayed in it right up to the beginning." Vilsack never got close. Ah Vilsack, we hardly new ye.

Of course, this changes the politics in Iowa big-time, insofar as it means there is no longer a "favorite son" (whether or not he was that popular does not change his status, really). Iowa caucuses now matter a lot more than they did last week.

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Anonymous said...

My sources in Iowa tell me that Vilsack was not that popular among Democrats.

He was wrapped up in a number of minor scandals involving the University of Iowa (medical complex contract with a corrupt HMO and also a failed search for a new President of the University). The faculty largely blamed Vilsack. U of Iowa faculty are a prominant faction within the Iowa Democratic activist ranks. Pissing them off automatically made the Iowa Caucus a viable horse race.

The last I heard, Vilsack was running a distant fourth in his own state behind Clinton, Obama and Edwards.

Roving Citizen