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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

An American Coup d'Etat

The more I read about the Lewis Libby trial , the more I wonder if it isn't like Watergate and Iran Contra.

There is a dizzying array of characters, copious vague recollections, hedging around the real issue (in the case that Cheney is really who we need to get), detailed and confusing reports of who said what when, etc. All of it is just enough for most of us to ignore it as background noise. But we shouldn't. The trial provides strong evidence of a dysfunctional White House that took us to war for personal interests, headed by an all-powerful Vice President. As we say, Clinton lied, no one died. These people in charge now are down right evil incarnate. Palace intrigue all around, brought to you by the very same people who brought you Vietnam. I am haunted by something that Dick Cheney reportedly told Don Rumsfeld on the day Rumsfeld was sworn in as Sec. Def, "Get it right this time, Don."

What everyone should see very clearly now is what we have all known: Bush Jr. Was the perfect flunky to put in the White House so that Cheney and Co. could do their work. That is how Bush worked his whole career. He was always the aimable front man for the real power, something Molly Ivins described in great detail in her book, Shrub.

The real shadow president has been Bush. Wake up America, you have just lived through your first coup d'etat.


Anonymous said...

Tony Blair just announced that the UK will be pulling out of Iraq within the year! This is a big political blow. It also will mean that US troops or Iraqi troops (if we can trust any) will have to make up about 7,000 troops. That will undo about a third of Bush's surge.

I wonder if Prince Harry's unit's deployment to Iraq had something to do with it. The Prince (who goes by the name of "Troopleader Wales") had been asked to stay home and trott around London in a shiny helmet but he insisted on going to Iraq with his comrades.


USWest said...

Blair promised to pull British troops out several months back. The situation in Iraq is largely why he has had to step down. The Economist pointed this out, saying, “What upset that balance [the British relationship with the EU and the USA], more than anything, was the invasion of Iraq in 2003. This decision, opposed by Britain's third party, the Liberal Democrats, hijacked his reform agenda along with his domestic popularity. He may have believed passionately in the cause, but the intelligence on which he sold it to the nation was wrong. And as the aftermath of war turned ever bloodier, there was a growing sense that Mr Blair's foreign policy had ceased to serve British interests.” (see: The Economist

If Blair wants his party to hold onto Parliament, and Downing Street (Labour’s Gordon Brown is expected to succeed Blair), he has to pull troops out.

The Law Talking Guy said...

If Oliver Stone is to believed, it is the second coup d'etat...