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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Give War a Chance

This is the message of the Republicans, "Give this plan a chance." Senator Cornyn (R-TX) on the News Hour said two things: (1) if you oppose the troop buildup, cut funds; (2) if you oppose the troop buildup in any way, you are opposing the troops themselves. Both are hogwash, of course. Particularly I would like to focus on #1. Cornyn knows that a plan to cut funds might pass the Senate. He claims the Democrats are being cowards not to try, but it's all talk - literally: the Republicans will filibuster any attempt to hold such a vote. If they agree to let votes on all resolutions, they may then accuse the Democratic majority of not having the courage of their convictions to pursue the harsher resolutions.

I'm writing this because Cornyn has proven himself to be a gross hypocrite and fascist over the past several years, and I'm tired of PBS giving him a microphone. They never cut him down to size appropriately.

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Dustin said...

I just read that there are reports that we didn't train the Iraqis properly....I think I read about this happening during the Vietnam Conflict/War, etc....guess we haven't learned our lesson yet...