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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Violence and the Right Wing Blogosphere

I have to thank Dr. S for the link to the Merkel video because at the top of the Crooks and Liars website was a post that caught my eye. It stresses that the right wing blogosphere is getting little attention in the mainstream media while the left wing blogosphere is examined ad nauseam.

This is important because, as Glenn Greenwald points out, the rhetoric is more and more violent. He has several links in the piece that take you to examples and sources for such vile rhetoric. I think we have to pay attention to that because the blogosphere is very large, even on the right. And if people are publishing such things, it could prove to be very dangerous if they start acting that stuff out. Let's take for instance stories that the US marshals are now providing home alarm and security systems for federal judges. Remember the black listing and shooting of doctors at abortion clinics?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

That kind of rhetoric isn't just the bloggers. I've said on this blog that many of my Republican relatives speak like that all the time when they think they're in a "safe" group (i.e. majority conservative, white and male).

I'd also suggest that they are already acting on this. Remember Bill Maher? He used to have a show called "Politically Incorrect" but when the Bush White House objected to something he said, they pressed his network to cancell the popular show and they did. Also, what about this domestic spying stuff? The mysterious Diebold voting machine malfunctions?

If anything they appear to have peaked. I doubt Bush could do to Jon Stewart or even Stephen Corbert what he did to Bill Maher. But I bet he wants to!

// posted by Raised By Republicans

Anonymous said...

I don't watch much cable news, but what I have been exposed to in the gym or at my friends' homes tell me that it is prevalent on newsnets as well (i.e. Fox). Sad what we have come to accept. 

// posted by USWest