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Friday, July 07, 2006

Running Against Everything

Media Matters asks an interesting question. Why is news that is obviously bad for the Republican Party said to be "good" for it by the media? The writer points out that commentators are spinning now that the US Supreme Court's Handam decision is good for Republicans because this will allow them to run " agaisnt the Court"- a Court pretty much of Republican making. When Bush's approval ratings hit the floor, they said this was good because Republicans could run against Bush. Threating media outlets that publish news on say secret wiretapping with investigation allows Republicans to run against the media.

It's a good commentary. Check it out.


Dr. Strangelove said...

If the Republicans in Congress can run against Bush, and Bush can run against the Congress, why can't Democrats run against both? USWest is right to draw attention to this kind of bias in the news reporting. I think there is a general sense of defeatism among many rank-and-file Democrats, so they nod their heads sagely as everything is painted as bad news for them.

The trouble is that the Democrats have yet to provide a focal point--a person, a plan, even a Contract with America. Until that can be done, Democrats may appear to many to be merely sniping from the sidelines, a bunch of uncoordinated Davids working against a Republican Goliath. (OK, so it only took one David, thus the metaphor sucks, but you know what I'm trying to say.)

Anonymous said...


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