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Monday, May 01, 2006

Three years.

I am sure I am violating some code of blogger ethics, but I'm going to reprint Josh Marshall's entire "Mission Accomplished" text from today:

Yes, three years ago today, President Bush declared Mission Accomplished in Iraq.

I think this will go down as the symbol of the Bush administration -- like Carter's malaise speech, Bush's father with the carton of milk, LBJ falling on his metaphorical sword in a nationally televised address. It captures everything. The arrogance. The dingbat personality cult. The fleeting triumph of Potemkin stagecraft over tangible accomplishment. The happy willingness to let others take care of the president's messes.

Today the president hailed yet another "turning point" in Iraq but warned of "more tough days ahead."

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Anonymous said...

To revisit the media coverage of that fateful day, go Media Matters . They have transcripts of some of the media coverage of it. In addition to that, they have information on Stephen Clobert's roasting of Bush at the White House Correspondent's dinner! 

// posted by USWest