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Friday, November 18, 2005

Boycott Target!

This morning, it was reported that Target has a policy that if a pharmacist does not want to dispense the "Plan B" contraception product, he or she does not have to, and arrangements can be made "at another pharmacy" or, of course, not at all. If a person gets a state license to be a pharmacist, he or she may not pick and choose which prescriptions to fill, or for whom. So a pharmacist lets her friend get Plan B, but blocks it for a young African-American woman claiming a 'religious' belief. That's what we will see. Racism, bigotry, and right-wing politics all rolled into one.

According to NPR, other companies like Costco and KMart permit a pharmacist also to refuse, Plan B, but guarantee that the prescription will nonetheless be immediately filled onsite by someone else. That is acceptable. Target's policy is toadying to the right wing, and I urge everyone to boycott Target until they change their policy. (Here in CA, by the way, the policy is not in force because it is illegal - our legislature has passed a law forbidding a pharmacist not to picking and choosing customers based on alleged religious or other beliefs).


Anonymous said...

Damn. I liked that store.Check this out!  Target gave 83% of its approximately $217 thousand campaign donations to Republicans. So are we surprised at their stance? Granted, in the bigger scheme of things, it isn't a lot of money. But still . .  

// posted by USWest

Anonymous said...

Here's an interesting question. What if you lie to the pharmacist about the reason for needing Plan B? I'm not much of an actress, but I'm sure I could look sympathetic, turn on the waterworks, and construct some amazing scenario involving death, destruction, assault and life-threatening illness (even if it was just a contraception snafu).

While I think that's immoral (being counter to my feminist principles about not pouting and whining to get something I want), I doubt it's illegal.

In all likelihood, I would probably become the Perfect Customer Service Nightmare and start shouting for a manager.

-Seventh Sister 

// posted by Anonymous

Anonymous said...

How about this:

"Look, honey, I'm a hooker. I have sex with so many men anonymously that I couldn't get child support without doing DNA testing for half the Republican party. So if I don't take these pills, I'm going to have another brat kid with blond hair I have to give away or leave in some dumpster. You gonna take him? No? Well, give me the pills and stop being such a hypocritcal judgmental prick/bitch [pick gender as needed]. Jesus would be ashamed of you."

I recommend doing this wearing a hat with condoms (still in wrapper) pinned all over it. And a T-shirt of the Virgin Mary with a vibrator. 

// posted by LTG

Anonymous said...

Damn. I just shopped at Target last week. D'Oh! I'll for sure never use their pharmacies! 

// posted by Raised By Republicans

Anonymous said...

Easy, LTG. Where do you think you are? Congress? 

// posted by USwest