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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Oil For Food Hypocrisy

Hi Everyone,

Just a little highlight of the oil for food drama. The Republicans in Congress have been holding hearings on this with a definite plan to smear the U.N., Russian politicians, French Politicians and British politicians who opposed the war in Iraq. However, the hearings have become increasingly partisan and controversial. Read this story on about the Democratic minority report on the issue. The Democrats charge that American oil companies were deeply involved in the corruption and that Bush administration Viceroy, Bremmer, lost $9 billion in Iraqi funds and over a year ago and has yet to give any indication of where it went.

This is another example of how the fact that the Democrats are in the minority limits their ability to oversee and constrain Bush administration abuses of power. These hearings on the oil for food corruption now are giving a "get out of jail free card" to Bush administration officials and their cronies in the oil industry but making damning charges against everyone else. The same hearings lead by a Democratic majority would be far different.

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US West said...

I am pleased that Brit MP Galloway slammed Congress today. He said what Americans should be saying loud and clear. It is political.

I think it is rich of the US to try and blame foreigners for the oil for food program while it turns its face away from its own crimes in Iraq.