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Monday, February 06, 2012

Quit Politicizing Women's Health

There has been a lot of news the last couple of weeks about changes to medical policies that directly affect women’s health. The most recent has been the Obama Administration’s declaration that all medical care providers who receive federal funding and who serve diverse populations will have to offer birth control. Before that, it was the Susan G. Komen For a Cure foundation. That foundation was going stop paying Planned Parenthood for mammograms.Before that, we've had political discussion about HPV vaccinations.

Everyone just needs to stop politicizing women’s health. I can’t think of a single men's heath issue that is politicized or made such an open subject for public scrutiny. No one is talking about offering condoms or vasectomies to men, both opposed by the Catholic Church. Nothing about Viagra or testosterone supplements. What about reproductive services? Unless something has changed, the Church doesn’t like infertility treatments either. All of these health decisions that MEN and women make daily are private choices. They should not be fodder for religious and political games.

Freedom of religion means that you have the right to choose to practice your faith or not. And you can choose to practice any faith you wish. That said, forcing religiously affiliated institutions to offer an array of health services and reproductive services does not violate religious rights. It simply allows people to have a choice. If I am a practicing Catholic, then I can choose not to use birth control. So what these institutions are really saying is that they don’t want to offer choice because most people would choose “wrongly”.

Religiously affiliated medical facilities and universities should be medical facilities and universities FIRST and religious organs last.


Anonymous said...

Not to sound like a crusty old second-wave feminist (which I am), but there is a subset of male social conservatives that are hyper-concerned about controlling women. Their concern manifests itself in shrieking about abortion and birth control to the detriment of any policy that might actually benefit society (much less women).

These guys are genuinely concerned about what would happen unless they were able to insure the continued subservience of the women in their lives. Telling women that they should have no control over the number of kids they have, that birth control is some conspiracy, that they need to homeschool their kids, etc., is a pathetic attempt to make sure they never have to genuinely compete with women.* It's not working, but it's their last hope.

Frankly, I think politicizing the Pill and Planned Parenthood is pretty irritiating to a lot of independents, and I hope it works against the conservatives in a big way.

As a aside, I think the Mormons do a much better job of encouraging large families than do Catholics. The Mormons want their members to have a bunch of kids, but are pretty don't ask don't tell about birth control at this point. Being able to space out kids is the difference between mild crazy and I'm definitely going crazy.

-Seventh Sister

*I don't think most conservative political pundits could accurately predict the outcome of a preschool parents association election. And most of them would be eaten alive on a school committee.

Raised By Republicans said...

The real thing that makes these old farts so out of touch is that they still think of having children as a women's issue that men can control. The modern reality is that men are increasingly involved in raising children just as women are working more and more outside of the home. That's part of why, from what I've seen, a majority of (even) Catholics use birth control. Catholic women AND Catholic men are choosing smaller families, later families etc. Economic necessity demands it and no amount of bullying by a bunch of "celibate" old farts will change that. Especially when the old farts are a bunch of increasingly elitist jerks who live off donations they've bilked from the impressionable old ladies they can separate from their social security checks.

USWest said...

I need a clarification. When this issue was first raised, the Church was angry that they would have to provide family planning services. Then the president struck some compromise over the weekend, but that compromise was about providing insurance coverage to hospital employees.

Did the issue shift, or did I misunderstand the issue from the start? Either way, I don't care. Medical is medical and the Church should butt out.

Raised By Republicans said...

I think the compromise was based on exemptions for churches in Meidcal. But I'm not sure what the deal was.

kamagra said...

I agree if they accused people to do wrong,then what's the reason to choose what they want. Religion should be separate from the state, this one reason until now they are still debating for this birth control issue.

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