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Friday, February 24, 2012

The No-Reality Primary

Every day we see more and more bizarre statements from Santorum, Gingrich, and Romney that are so far removed from reality it is hard to know how to respond. All three say that President Obama is going to turn the United States into a socialist state. There is no evidence for this idiotic statement, and none is ever adduced. At the same time, and without irony, they complain that the new health care law reduces funding for Medicare. Santorum said this morning that the United States is alienating every ally and appeasing every enemy. It is hard to know where this comes from. The only ally whose relationship is not MUCH stronger now than it was under Bush is Israel and Pakistan, and that is only because Obama have a much more irascible Netanyahu to deal with and Paksistan is such a freaking mess. The charge of appeasement of enemies is hard to fathom. Killing Osama Bin Laden on Pakistani soil was appeasement? Apparently an apology for soldiers stupidly burning the Koran is appeasement, which is nonsense. A moral person apologizes for his own wrongs even if others have also committed wrongs against him. What else?

What you have from these Republicans is blind hatred of Barack Obama for reasons more or less unrelated to the man or his policies, or anything in reality. This is not how you win an election with persuadable independent voters. This is why the primary is so volatile and strange. It is not based in reality.

This is, at heart, an inside debate by a core Republican electorate that is reacting from the unspoken, unacknowledged feeling that something is going very wrong if a black man is President of the United States of America.


Raised By Republicans said...

I agree. I was just saying to my girlfriend last night, that I'm increasing confused by anyone, other than a rich person looking for a tax cut, who would vote for these bozos. They're so out of touch. What are the pressing issues facing this country according to the Republican party? The pill? Communism? Appeasement?

I gather from the policies they propose on the floors of Congress that they want to send us back to the 1880s. But do they really think they'll get there by rhetorically refighting the battles of the 1940's, 50's and 60's? What's next a vigorous national debate about the dangerous effect of Rock and Roll on America's youth?

I suppose the goal is to so confuse and distract the electorate by screaming about the dangers of contraception and the international communist conspiracy that low income voters won't notice that this party is doing everything it can to redistribute wealth to the richest Americans.

USWest said...

I am not sure these guys are as clever as to plot and strategize as you two think. I think they are all confused.

The real problem is that they've got nothing to run on. Americans are poor and the middle class is pissed off--at rich people. Not government. They are pissed at rich people who have hijacked the government, made them pay, and given them little in return.

This is why they are still shifting around for a candidate. I hear more Republican voters saying that they are still looking for someone who can beat Obama. They are picking between dispassionate choices.

Romney can't talk about values without reminding everyone that is he actually a defunct Mormon who is too moderate for the hard core right. He can't really say much about economics because his experience is really limited to exploits with Bain Capital (some rather unsavory) and a state run medical insurance scheme in Massachusetts that the Tea Partiers hate. This reminds them all of how "liberal" he really is. And every time he tries to connect with the "little guy", he says something about Cadillacs or NASCAR team owners. Not to mention that his way of talking is irritating. He sounds like he's nervous, a real shister (defined as: One who speaks bullshit fluently in order to fool people out of money).

Santorum can't talk economics because he knows nothing about economics. So he wants to make this about conservative Christian values. He ends up sounding like a sanctimonious creep.

Gingrich is fun, but too explosive. He's like the little bull terrier who yaps but can't bite. Or a school yard bully.

The bottom line is that the Republicans can't really fault Obama because most of the real problems have been caused by a Republican dominated House. And the antics of Scott Walker and his ilk have pissed a lot of people off.

I find it amusing that in California, the Republicans are having trouble convincing new voters to join their party. No one is really interested. They'd rather register as Decline to State than Republican if they register at all. That really tells you something.