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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Walker and Union Busting for Benefits

Check this out: Rachel Madow has outed Scott Walker. What a sleaze ball! And when you are done with the video, go for this article where a journalist, posing as David Koch totally bonks Scott.

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Raised By Republicans said...

Yeah, Walker is screwed on this one. Civil Society is about to bite him in the butt. A political activist has exposed both his agenda and his strategy for achieving that agenda. Busted.

It would never happen (and wouldn't matter if it did happen) except in a democracy.

USWest said...

What I hope is that this will backfire big time. The unions and the democrats may come out on the better end of this.I don't think most Americans, 61% at this point, want to see civil service unions loose their bargaining rights. They don't want their firefighters and police to loose that right.

Raised By Republicans said...

As you point out, the polls suggest that this is already starting to backfire for Walker.