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Thursday, June 17, 2010

BP Stands for Barton Prolapse

By now (it's all over the net), you've heard about Representative Joe Barton (R-Texas) apologized to BP CEO, Tony Hayward for the way the Obama administration was working with BP to set up a relief fund for victims of the oil spill. Imagine that. A Republican member of Congress actually apologizing to BP! For what?

Republican leaders immediately had one of those "ARE YOU INSANE?!" moments and rushed to pressure Barton to apologize for the apology. Too late. I think we all know which statement was sincere and which was BS.

Every Democrat in the country needs to run against their Republicans as the party of Big Oil and Big Banks. They are the party of the boss that you are convinced would lay you off to pay for his own bonus. Kieth Olberman is already talking about the "GOBP." He even had a little logo of a Republican elephant painted green with yellow flowers (ala the BP logo). And out of the elephant's trunk is a fountain of oil.

The Republicans spent the last few weeks accusing the Democrats of not doing enough in response to the oil spill. Then as soon as Obama actually does something tangible (setting up a relief fund at BP's expense), the Republcians accuse it of being a criminal enterprise and actually apologize on national TV to BP's CEO. I can't say I'm surprised.

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