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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Biden Puts it Well!

Here a great statement by Vice President Biden about Republican Congressman Barton's apology to BP. I think this sums up very nicely the contrasting view the Democratic and Republican Parties. The Democrats think government is supposed to protect average people from the abuses of big business. Republicans think government is supposed to protect big business from the demands of regular people.


The Law Talking Guy said...

If there was one cause of this disaster, it was the insistence (by the GOP) of a liability cap for oil drilling of $75 million (which BP is basically waiving here). The GOP said that without this cap, the risks/costs would be prohibitive to drilling. And that's the point. Given the lack of technology to clean up or prevent a spill, the risks/costs should have been prohibitive.

Raised By Republicans said...

LTG, didn't you post something about the privatization of profit and the socialization of risk back during the bank crisis in 2008?