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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Enforce

I just saw a report on Daily Kos (see link to the right) that says that an open gay Arabic translator (and West Point grad) who challenged DADT in court has been recalled to active service. The presumption is that this is an indication of the new Department of Defense policy on enforcing DADT (they aren't anymore).

I think this is great. When the the sky fails to fall over this, another chunk of public opinion will come around to the idea of full and equal rights for all citizens regardless of sexual preference.

I know we've got some contributors and friends of the blog who know a thing or two about this issue and about the Defense department in particular. I'd like to hear their take on this and other developments.


The Law Talking Guy said...

I suspect the opposite, RBR. Enforcing DADT now will result in well-publicized well-timed stories of nicely groomed, intelligent young men who just want to serve their country being booted out by mullet-headed bigots who will look like bigots on TV interviews. By not enforcing DADT, the bad press is avoided and the pressure to repeal it will relax.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget the smart, pretty young women who were formerly on the fast track to officerhood.

-Seventh Sister

Raised By Republicans said...

I was thinking of the big picture in relation to the perception.

By not enforcing DADT, most people will perceive that it has been repealed altogether (which of course it has not but still...). In the context of a general perception that DADT is not longer in effect, the absence of any kind of divine retribution will increase the share of people in the country who no longer think there is a real reason to persecute gay people in general.