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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What it means - the Earthquake in Massachusetts

There are worse things in the world than having 58 or 59 Democratic Senators, a large Democratic majority in the House, and Democratic President with far better approval ratings than his Republican predecessor. Indeed, that's exactly how the world looked on November 4, 2008, when Barack Obama won the presidency at the zenith of Democratic party popularity. But you would think from today's headlines that the Democrats just lost power altogether.

Yes, it's dispiriting as hell. A female version of Sarah Palin won Massachusetts because, among other things, the Democratic candidate, Coakley, forgot to campaign for the seat. And it's clear that dissatisfaction with the Democratic party is behind this. Notably, it is a dispirited left that stayed home as well as angry independent voters who showed up.

What does it really mean? Unemployment has risen to 10% and the Democrats are viewed as having spent trillions but accomplished nothing so far.

The fear is that Democrats will take the wrong lesson and cut and run. The real lesson is that if the Democrats had rammed through health care on 'reconciliation' in July, this would never have happened. Allowing the process to drag out for another seven months while scrambling for the 60th rascal did no good. If Democrats abandon the health care bill altogether, it will be a total and unmitigated disaster. Time to declare victory, for heaven's sake. Get a "W" in your column! The American people respect action in hard times; they are tired of speeches and don't understand the filibuster. The ultimate insult to Ted Kennedy would be to walk away now. It also will be a political disaster.

I assure you, if Democrats walk away from health care and act embarrassed for having had an agenda of hope and change, the result in 2010 will be political catastrophe. Weak and apologetic loses elections. You have to at least win your base, and they will stay home in 2010. If Democrats pass health care reform as promised - through the House or with a quick Senate vote before Brown can be seated - they will at least have done something for the ages. The base will be ready to campaign in 2010. Your choice, Democrats: will you turn 2010 into a season in hell, or leave this merely as a brief winter of discontent. Time to fight. Time to govern, at last. Time to punish Lieberman for betrayal, since having him "in" has done only harm. Pass health care, then give us a stimulus bill with real tax cuts that can be felt in the pockets of taxpayers very quickly.


Raised By Republicans said...

I think you meant "male version of Sarah Palin."

Raised By Republicans said...

Your comment "declare victory for heaven's sake!" brings to mind the image of a person in Vegas who having just won a huge pot at the tables insists on continuing to gamble.

The Democrats have a bill that passed the Senate. If the House liberals can be made to accept reality and pass it now then the Senate need not consider it at all. Then the House and Senate Democrats can get down to business of making incremental improvements to the big reform over the next two years with less excitement and grand standing.

The Law Talking Guy said...

I'm going to spend some time unpacking what I meant by a "female version of Sarah Palin."

I meant "male" of course, as you noted.