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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tim Tebow's Anti-Abortion Superbowl Ad

So CBS - which refused a couple years ago to let the United Church of Christ air an ad welcoming gays and lesbians to the church on the grounds that it doesn't take advocacy ads during the superbowl - has proven to be hypocrites once again. OF course, who is really surprised that big corporations are right-wing, only those who buy the "liberal media" crap promoted by the far, far right. Well, CBS is allowing Tim Tebow to put religious ad on TV, only this is for the religious right and anti-abortion. Apparently his mother was offered the choice of an abortion while she was a missionary in the Philippines, but declined on religious grounds. And of course, Tim Tebow is the Heisman-winning QB. See how wrong abortion is? See?

I will donate to the liberal group that buys ad space on CBS to air a similar ad except one that ends with "Nobody had a right to make that choice for Mrs. Tebow. It's not the government's choice - it's hers." Then show other famous people saying, "Me too: Pro-choice and proud to be American, where we have the right to choose."

Shame on CBS to caving into this ad by Focus on the Family (a group only one step up from AlQaeda). And shame on anyone who thinks misses the fact that the real message is TO OUTLAW CHOICE.


Raised By Republicans said...

CBS has also just refused to air an ad by an online dating service that caters to same sex relationships. I fear that if you donate money to liberal groups seeking to run counter ads, you will find yourself donating to a court case. CBS will just run a political litmus test on any proposed ad.

Given the political nature of Tebow's ad (another reason to despise SEC football by the way), CBS could be in for a nasty law suit. Aren't they required to give equal access to political ads as part of their FCC licensing?

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Wonderful topic, but will this really work?

The Law Talking Guy said...

AS a lawyer, I fail to see the downside. Just kidding.

Raised By Republicans said...

Did anyone catch the ad? I was at a superbowl party that was kind of loud and I missed it.