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Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Republican "budget"

Have you seen the Republicans' "budget"? Because it's pretty pitiful. Ezra Klein's reaction is the best mainstream one, with lines like

Bush, famously, described his first budget by saying, "It's clearly a budget. It's got a lot of numbers in it." Indeed it was, and did. This isn't. There are no numbers. Let me repeat that: The Republican budget proposal does not say how much money they would raise, or spend.
but for my money, the best reaction on the internet comes from
the thread at Maybe the best line:
... instead of a budget they have a crayon drawing of a bald eagle high-fiving jesus.
And then there's the mockery of the worst flowchart in history (no, honestly, it's really in the budget):

We get such highlights from the FARK thread as:


captioned as : this was in their rough draft

Highly recommended reading if you need a laugh. Both the original PDF and the FARK thread.


Pombat said...

What the Republicans should've read first. At least they don't appear interested in Ninja Turtles.

Raised By Republicans said...

Great flow chart Pombat.

I'm reminded of the South Park bit about the Underpants Gnomes. The Gnomes steal underpants from the boys and boys track them down and confront them.

"Why are you stealing our underpants?"
"It's all part of our business plan! See here"
(a large sign is shown)
STEP 1: Collect Underpants
STEP 2: ?
STEP 3: Profit!

All fun aside though, there is little point in Republicans spending much time on this anyway. They are certainly out of the negotiations in the House and very nearly irrelevant in the Senate as well.

PS: I love the comment "bald eagle high fiving Jesus."

Dr. Strangelove said...

To be fair, that pictures is not a "flow chart" but just a graphic consisting of three circles, two lines, and a rectangle. I cannot fathom why they chose those particular graphical elements, especially since the positioning suggests the "Republican Road to Recovery" is blocking the desired linkages. Instead of a budget document, the Republican leadership hands out this empty glossy pamphlet? I'm laughing--how could they be so stupid?

Valar Morghulis said... is a site I visit every single day. It brings me joy and laughter so many many times

The Law Talking Guy said...

How could they be so stupid? How could they go from unified control of the government to the opposite so quickly? The problem is that America is demographically different than it was in 1994, when they began their rise to power. Old white men have aged 15 years or died. Younger people diverge from their parents' views and are voting now. Millions of immigrants and Latinos have begun voting too. This isn't the 1980s, when Mexican restaurants and "ethnic food" was unheard of outside a few big cities. Republicans still cluster in those parts of the country where Chinese food means cashew chicken with ketchup or chop sue. Simply put, the Republicans are dying out. A new GOP majority, if it emerges in the next decade, will have to be decidedly different than the Gingrich/McConnell party of Angry White Men.

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