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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Seats and Bylaws

Politico reports that the DNC said on Tuesday that FL/MI representatives would be seated on three standing committees, including the Credentials Committee. (Despite the DNC announcement having been given on April 1st, Politico's article was published on April 2nd and treats the story as accurate.)

Apparently, both Clinton and Obama campaigns were caught off guard by the news, and many observers expressed surprise. Clinton advisor Harold Ickes was quoted as saying, "Intuitively, I would have thought that if members of the delegation are not seated it strikes me as a little odd that members of the standing committees are seated."

Politico estimates the breakdown of the committee to be as below. Note that seating FL/MI would at best bring Clinton even with Obama. Note also that it is as good as impossible now for either candidate to write the majority report without support from a fair number of the "super-members" appointed by Howard Dean.

Obama Delegates: 65
Clinton Delegates: 56
Still-to-be-chosen: 23
Appointed by Howard Dean: 25
FL + MI Delegates: 14
TOTAL: 183

1 comment:

The Law Talking Guy said...

Howard Dean is trying to move this to a conclusion. He has now stated that he intends to seat MI/FL delegations upon agreement between the campaigns. This means negotiation has to take place. That means that HRC will not get all she would like (i.e., Obama will probably, at least, get the 40% uncommitted from MI).